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A Reliable & Affordable Ignition Switch Replacement Service

Although the procedure for replacing a car ignition switch is not that complicated, it requires an expert hand of a locksmith. Cars have sophisticated systems and operating with such complex mechanisms require a high-end expertise. With our professionals at work, you won’t ever have to worry about a thing as they do everything with absolute precision. We have all the necessary tools and significant experience to deal with auto electronics. Our team wouldn’t require referring to the manual but just in case, if it’s a high-end vehicle that we are not quite sure about, we do refer to the manual in such cases.

 If you’re having problems with your car’s ignition switch, our certified locksmith advises you to take proper precautions or recommend you hire them for the job.

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What Are the Signs Of An Ignition Switch Malfunction?

There are a number of signs that an ignition switch is going to show when it’s about to turn bad. It may start with a failure to turn on the instrument panel or with the key position light turning on without any actual key being inserted. It could also be a case of the car dying as soon as it is turned on or difficulty in turning off the vehicle. This is called car stalling. There’s a significant chance that your dashboard might have a wiring problem but in most cases, it’s a problem with your car’s ignition switch. Attempting to power up your vehicle a number of times can easily drain your car’s battery so make sure not to keep powering up the engine over and over again. Or else, even if your ignition switch is repaired, your battery might run out.

Are you facing any of the above issues with your motor vehicle? Then it’s time to call HERO locksmith for ignition switch replacement services!

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Fast Response Time

We hardly take a few minutes or an hour to arrive at your location.

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All our locksmiths are certified and experienced with all the right tools.

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Affordable Rates

We charge a fairly affordable price when it comes to locksmith services.

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Got a Car Key Stuck Inside the Ignition?

Key extraction from the ignition is not as simple as it seems. You may find yourself jiggling it and hoping for the broken key bit to come out. Today, many ignitions have a highly complex system and are designed to work with only one specific type of key. If anything happens to the key (such as breaking within the ignition cylinder) or gets jammed up within the car’s ignition cylinder, it can disrupt the entire vehicle’s powering up process. Are you dealing with a similar issue? May it be specialized tools or lubrication to remove the key, our professionally sound automotive locksmith in Walnut Creek can do it for you.


Want to remove stuck keys from the ignition? Feel free to contact our automotive locksmith in Walnut Creek.

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