How Do Locksmiths Verify Ownership

Written by Timmy

September 28, 2023

Locksmith services are often misused. There are countless cases of people hiring locksmiths to unlock someone else’s home or car in Walnut Creek. Due to the rise of such cases, locksmiths have now started verifying ownership. 

Now, the point of consideration being a client is: how do locksmiths verify ownership? There are certain documents they will ask for or they will seek some verifications to authenticate your ownership of a certain home, car, or business. Here are a few things that help a locksmith verify your ownership:

Verifying Your Home Ownership

The simplest way to prove your home ownership is to show your identity card, a driver’s license, or a bill with your address on it. You can show your home documents. If you do not have anything with you, you can show your home pictures. If you are living at a rental place, we can call your landlord and take verification,

Sometimes, clients do not even have their phones with them, and they get home locked out. In such a scenario, residential locksmiths will verify your ownership from your neighbors. We understand this might be a little frustrating for the clients, but it is very important to avoid helping thieves and burglars. , After all, this is for your safety and security.

Verifying Your Car Ownership

If you are locked out of your car, call an auto-locksmith, and he will help unlock your car and make a new pair of keys on the spot. Before starting the procedure, the locksmith will verify ownership. You can prove it either by showing your driver’s license or car documents. If you are not the owner of the car, you can show the letter of authorization. 

It is not important to show the documents before unlocking the car because we understand you won’t be carrying car documents in your pocket. But it is mandatory to show the documents after unlocking the car. Otherwise, they will not hand over the keys.

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What Happens If You Are Not an Owner?

If you are not the owner and you have permission to access the property, or you are living in a rental property, you have to get permission from the owner to get locksmith services. Also, you have to show the letter of authorization from the owner.

If you do not have any such document, the locksmiths will not provide you with any services. People use locksmiths to scam owners, so it is important for the locksmiths to verify ownership before unlocking any door.

Why Is It So Important To Check The Ownership

Verifying ownership is crucial due to its critical role in safeguarding your property. Locksmiths verify ownership to prevent unauthorized access. It is important to avoid theft and security breaches and prevent unauthorized use. This not only enhances safety but also mitigates potential legal issues that could arise from failing to verify ownership.

Ownership verification maintains a sense of trust and integrity in various transactions. It helps gain customer’s trust and confidence that locksmith respect their security. It is not only a legal requirement but also an important practice that upholds the principles of safety, privacy, and professional responsibility.

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